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Team Rules

As we are trying to get a decent working product done, we all must get along. So there are a few rules that must be upheld, in order to join and be a part of this team:
  • Speak nice to other project members. We are not talking about swearing and stuff like that, but don't tell another person that he or she is an idiot, or something like that. If you have a problem with a member, then make it known to that member then take it up with that member, or talk with one of the project leaders if needed.
  • Although team members could conceiveably by of any age, a team member should be old enough and hence experienced enough to understand basic mathmatical concepts such as 2D vectors, basic phisics (gravity velocity, acceleration etc), very simplistic ai implementaion or theory, managed directx/opengl and or .NET graphics api's, and a never ending desire for abstraction and simplification of code. Child prodegies are welcome. :p
  • Deadlines/Milestones - We don't really have these so there ain't no real deadlines or milestones but, some people do like to move on and if people are dependant on eachother things might be lying around forever. If you are going on a vacation, make sure you inform people about it so that people know that you are not going to make something within the next couple of days or weeks. And just as important try to finish any code you were worknig on and check it in prior to leaving.
  • Team members should fallow the steps below when adding or changing code.
    1. Add a new work item stating your intentions and what you plan on doing, and use as much detail as nessary.
    2. Design, write, and checkin, your code in small incremential (and achievable) steps so that for each check in you do the code is capable of compiling succesfully.
  • Don't mess in other peoples code, cause it to break, and don't tell anyone and then move on to other things. Ask for a assignment, or make a suggestion of what you will like to do. Breaking other peoples code (Deleting or in some way make the code broken), will result in banning from the project team. We are not talking about fixing a little thing, and then inadvertently another error is introduced. But if it looks like you are breaking code on purpose and have not made your intentions clear, you will be removed from the team!
  • And most important: If you don't have time, don't do it. If you have a hard time compleating a task, or to much real life work, or anything else that is more important than the project, then please do not feel forced to work on the project. All project members must be working on the project on there own free will. If you feel you are overly pressed by another project member to submit code or work, then please contact that person and inform them of your situation apropreatly. If it persists contact one of the project leaders.
  • You are part of the team then you muse abide by the team rules. If the rules change, you must conform to the new rules.

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